Disabling Conditions

Here are some of the many conditions that are potentially disabling - there are too many, and too many combinations, for a truly comprehensive list. These are a few of the major categories, summarized for you. If you would like to have a free in-office or telephone consultation, please call or email.


As is the case with many disabling impairments, winning a claim for Social Security Benefits based on seizure disorder can be difficult. Social Security seems to have an institutional concern that some people lie about having seizures, so as to get benefits. It requires that you have evidence of seizures that are well documented. This requirement that can be troublesome in a seizure case. We also need to develop evidence of your compliance with medication orders. This can be very important. A doctor's note that a patient is "non-compliant" is usually damaging to the case. At the same time, we also need to prove to the Judge that, even with the medication, the seizures are frequent enough and severe enough to prevent you from being able to work at any job. We will need to prove all of the following to increase the odds of success:

  1. The diagnosis of seizure disorder
  2. The severity of the seizure disorder
  3. The frequency with which you experience seizures
  4. A detailed description of a typical seizure

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