Disabling Conditions

These are just some of the many conditions that are potentially disabling - there are too many for a comprehensive list. These are a few of the major categories, summarized for you. If you would like to have a free in-office or telephone consultation, please call or email.


There are many types of heart disease. Cardiovascular problems can qualify for disability when they limit your ability to work, usually by reducing blood flow to your body and thus limiting how much you can exert yourself.

The key is showing that the symptoms are so severe they keep you out of work. We will develop evidence and/or documentation to prove that the cardiac damage or problem is, in fact, disabling. For example, we might seek evidence shortness of breath due to heart dysfunction limits you to lifting no more than 10 pounds, and that you will have to sit most of any workday due to fatigue. Other conditions will require similar proof to help win the case.

Give my office a call and schedule a time to talk to me about handling your disability case. The initial consultation is free. You can come by to see me, or if you prefer we can schedule a time to talk over the telephone.

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