Disabling Conditions

These are just some of the many conditions that are potentially disabling - there are too many for a comprehensive list. These are a few of the major categories, summarized for you. If you would like to have a free in-office or telephone consultation, please call or email.


There are a multitude of possible impairments that can cause a person to be unable to work any longer. The things that can strike a person seem never-ending.

Because of this, there is flexibility built into the Social Security system. If your disability does not fit into their neat pigeonholes, the Administration will very likely deny your claim for benefits. But, the case can be appealed to a Judge, who is empowered to look beyond the list of illnesses and injuries that Social Security maintains, and look to the heart of what is wrong with you, and what you can no longer do. And it is there that is possible to win even the unusual cases, the outliers, that are rarely brought.

Like all other disability cases, the key is in presenting the evidence to the Judge that proves your case. In addition, in unusual cases the Judge will need information on the illness or injury itself. The evidence can be developed, the proof can be presented, the case can be won.

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