Federal Defense

Rouse + Copeland LLC

Amy Lee Copeland represents those facing criminal charges for federal offenses in Georgia and throughout the United States. Have you been accused of, or charged with, a federal criminal offense? Ms. Copeland provides representation at all stages of federal criminal prosecutions and post-conviction relief matters, including pre-indictment investigations, proffers of evidence, pre-trial litigation, jury and non-jury trials, sentencing hearings, direct and discretionary appeals, habeas corpus actions, and sentence reductions. Penalties for a criminal conviction at the federal level are often severe and life-changing. Effectively representing you against federal criminal charges takes the expertise of a skilled, trial-tested criminal defense lawyer with decades of experience in federal court.

Federal court representation

Federal court rules of procedure are strict and strictly enforced, legal charges are often complex, and penalties are severe. The U.S. Government has effectively unlimited resources to use in prosecuting the people they target. I defend people in federal and state criminal cases who are charged with such things as financial fraud, antitrust, embezzlement, money laundering, other white-collar crimes, participation in a drug conspiracy, or more recently, PPP fraud. I provide high quality legal representation and work to get clients the best possible outcome in the defense of the charges made against them.

Accused of a white collar crime

Representation, starting with possible pre-trial intervention and negotiation and then throughout the process

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Charged with a drug conspiracy

Representation if you've been arrested for alleged involvement in a conspiracy to commit a federal crim

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