White Collar

Rouse + Copeland LLC

Federal prosecutors file cases against people whom they accuse of mail, wire, and bank fraud matters, health care and medical billing fraud, public corruption, money laundering, antitrust, and theft of trade secrets, among others. The federal government often pursues more complex matters, and often seeks severer penalties than the states do.

Defending against allegations of federal white collar crimes

Federal cases alleging a white collar crime are usually very document-intensive. Tens of thousands of pages are normal, oftentimes with multiple parties involved. So the defense must prepare more thoroughly than the prosecution. Ms. Copeland does the work, reviewing everything and finding all the possible avenues of defense, both on the merits and on constitutional or procedural grounds. This level of preparation also means mistakes in the prosecution’s argument or mistakes made by law enforcement are found, and raised in defense of the matter. All grounds possible are raised, whether in defense or in negotiations.