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Unlike some who advertise, I am a local attorney and know the local courts and insurance defense lawyers. I have been practicing law in Savannah for over 30 years. I have done both plaintiff's and defense work on personal injury cases of all sizes, from small four-figure cases to more significant seven-figure cases. You can make an appointment to come see me whenever its convenient for you. If you prefer, we can do everything by telephone or video.

Fee for legal work

1. Contingency fees: Like other lawyers, I charge a contingency fee. I only get paid a fee if there's a money recovery.

2. Basics: With a contingency fee, a lawyer earns a percentage of the money recovered. This is helpful for people who could not otherwise afford a lawyer.

3. Amount: The percentage charged by many lawyers is about 33 to 40 percent of the recovery money. The lawyer's fee comes out of the money awarded to you. Contingent fees are sometimes too high even for easier cases.

4: Percentage charged for car wreck cases: Forty percent or more is reasonable for more difficult cases. Premises liability (like slip and falls or negligent security) and medical malpractice cases are harder to win, and justify these higher percentages. Car wrecks involving less significant injuries are often easier to win, but usually involve less significant recoveries--the lower recovery means a higher percentage needs to be charged to justify the legal work that has to be done. But: Car wreck cases involving death, broken bones, injured vertebra or discs in the spine, labral tears in the shoulder, or other significant injuries, often justify a lower percentage for the attorney fee. That's why for those cases I charge 20% if the case resolves without a lawsuit being filed, and 25% if a lawsuit is filed.

Motor vehicle accidents

There are many types of motor vehicle accidents that might fall under the heading of "car wreck

Wheelchair link to disabilities of Back and Spine

Passenger vehicles

Even run-of-the-mill car wrecks can cause serious, even catastrophic, injuries, leaving you physically and emotionally damaged for months, years, or even a lifetime. Medical care can be grueling and expensive. And all the while you may be unable to work and losing income. The negligent parties can be held to account for the monetary value of the loss inflicted.

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Wheelchair link to disabilities of Seizures


Motorcycle riders face unique risks on the road, and filing an injury claim after a motorcycle accident can bring unique challenges. Motorcycle riding is riskier than driving or riding in a car. Motorcycle accidents are more likely to result in serious injury or even death, in part because they can be less visible to other drivers who aren't paying close enough attention, especially at intersections, and some road hazards that are unimportant to a car driver may cause a motorcycle accident. This can be exacerbated by the stability concerns of motorcycles, and the fact that motorcycles require more skillful handling than a car.

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Wheelchair link to disabilities of Psychiatric Issues


Pedestrians injured in car wrecks often face serious and significant roads to even partial recovery.

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Wheelchair link to disabilities of Neurological pain and limitations


Tractor-trailer drivers must follow many specialized and strict rules and regulations governing their vehicles and their driving. Violation of these rules can provide additional grounds for liability. They also have greater insurance requirements. At the same time, ownership and responsibility is often spread among multiple persons or companies, and tracking down all potentially responsible parties can be onerous and yet essential to getting a fair recovery.

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I am advertising to retain clients. But I am willing to talk to you, and go over your case, the procedures, the inclinations of the Judges, etc, without charge. Hopefully after talking to me, you'll want me to represent you. But if not, I won't charge you.