Personal Injury

Recovering What You're Owed

Losses from Personal Injury

Most on the job injuries involve claims under the Workers Compensation laws. Sometimes they also involve claims under other provisions of the law.

What can we recover? Measurable costs like your medical expenses, and some or all of your lost earnings. We may also be able to recover for impairment, or for your pain and suffering and other losses.

Workers Comp Insurance

Adjusters Minimize Your Injury

Insurance company adjusters routinely deny claims or make offers for less than a case is worth. They are not in business to pay a cent more than they have to. If they can get away with paying less, they will. And they have to be fought every step of the way for a fair recovery for your impairment or losses.

They may try to settle early, before you have received proper medical examination and treatment. If you are hurt, you need to wait until your medical condition has improved to the best that it will be. You do not need to settle before you know how bad your losses are - all of the injuries you've suffered, the permanency of the injuries, the lasting impairment of strength and range of movement, the amount of pain it is going to give you, and other such factors.

Workers Comp and Insurance Companies
Workers Comp and Insurance Companies

Health Insurance

Your health insurance may demand you repay them

If health insurance, Medicaid, or Medicare paid any part of your medical bills, they may demand that you reimburse them. They will demand that you reimburse them out of any settlement or judgment you get.

There are ways to object to and defeat some of these claims. Some of the claims, on the other hand, will be upheld by the courts. The rules and exceptions are voluminous, and seem to keep changing.

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