Personal Injury

Recovering What You're Owed


Slip and falls usually result in personal injury. They also can cause people to incur medical bils, lose income or vacation/sick days, incur property damage, and have other financial losses.

Any lawsuit for losses should include all of these things, as well as any other financial losses the other party caused you.

Slip and Fall Cases

Not Your Usual Case

Slip and Fall cases are harder to win than many other cases. Defendants always argue that, if you had been watching where you were going, you would have seen the hazard and a voided it. No matter how negligent they were in keeping up their premises, they will try to shirk responsibility and pin blame on you.

Winning a slip and fall case requires you to win on two fronts: You have to gather sufficient evidence to show that the property owner was negligent in creating or allowing a hazard to exist, and you have to present enough evidence to convince a judge or jury that you were careful, or were distracted by advertising or displays put up by the owner.

Slip and Falls
Summary Judgment

Beating Summary Judgment

Defendants Will Ask the Judge to Throw Your Case Out

In just about every slip and fall case, defendants file a motion asking the judge to, essentially, throw your case out. This is a "motion for summary judgment. These motions for summary judgment generally argue some variation of the above themes: Either they argue there is no proof that they were negligent, or they argue there is no proof that you were non-negligent.

There are ways to defeat these arguments - but you have to obtain solid evidence that meets the legal requirements.

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